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SNF products increase the efficiency and productivity of water, whether it be in turf, crop, or ornamental applications.


SNF’s AQUASORB™ products are anionic, polyacrylamide (PAM) – based superabsorbent polymers used in hydroseeding admixtures to stabilize newly-graded soils and assist in seed germination and sprouting.

Sod Installation

AQUASORB™ polymers absorb, retain, and release moisture to grass root systems.  They also improve soil structure and nutrient retention.

Production Crops

AQUASORB™ products help with early plant growth, root system establishment, and maintaining soil moisture.

Erosion Control

Soil porosity and poorly structured soils are improved by using polyacrylamide (PAM) to prevent soil erosion and loss of nutrients.  The cohesion of the soil is increased when PAM is applied so that less sediment is washed away by runoff or by wind drift.

Drip Irrigation

FLOBOND™ DI 2010 increases soil capillary flow (horizontally and vertically), thus inducing water infiltration into the soil profile.  The low viscosity of the
product ensures clog-free operation of all drip head types.

Irrigation Efficiency

The FLOBOND™ series of polyacrylamide (PAM) based polymers are proven to increase water efficiency, protect against wind and water erosion, and prevent soil crusting.  FLOBOND™ can be used in sprinkler, drip, subsurface drip, micro-jet, or linear/center pivot irrigation systems.


The AQUASORB™ line consists of polyacrylamide (PAM)-based, cross-linked superabsorbent polymers available in various particle sizes ranging from
0.3 to 4.0 millimeters, depending on the application.
AQUASORB™ polymers have the ability to absorb, retain, and release moisture to plant root systems.  They also improve soil structure and nutrient retention.

Turf & Ornamental

FLOBOND™ polymers improve health and quality of turf and ornamental plants when applied through irrigation systems.

Pivot Irrigation Wheel Rut Reduction

SOILPAM™ TRACKLOG™ and TRACKSACK™ products minimize the depth and severity of irrigation system track ruts, increase water infiltration in and around wheel tracks, and reduce pivot maintenance.

Wind Erosion and Crusting

FLOBOND™ products bind surface particles together, improve water infiltration, retain moisture in the soil profile, and are applied through center pivot chemigation.

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